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OUR most popular private TOURS


The Habsburgs and their time - 650 years of rule in the heart of Europe.

Possible focal points:

Empress Elisabeth "Sisi" & Emperor Franz Joseph,
Palaces such as Schönbrunn and the Hofburg,
Imperial Treasury and Art Chamber
Stephansplatz (St. Stephen´s Cathedral) and Heldenplatz,
Ringstrasse and Stadtpark
and much more.

We are also happy to fulfill individual requests.

vienna & art nouveau

Vienna around 1900 - the fifth largest city in the world after London, New York, Paris and Chicago!!

The city experienced its heyday in all areas of art and culture such as painting, architecture, sculpture, arts and crafts, design and much more.

Encounters with works by Gustav Klimt & Kolomann Moser, Adolf Loos & Otto Wagner, Sigmund Freud & Karl Landsteiner, Gustav Mahler & Arnold Schönberg, Josef Hoffmann & ....

We are also happy to fulfill individual requests.

the darkest hours

Austria's darkest chapter in history:
From the Swastika to the Cold War to today's red-white-red: Experience contemporary history up close!


Hitler's youth in Vienna, the "Anschluss", WW1 and WW2 in Vienna, the post-war period, regained freedom, repressed history, Austria in the EU. the new Austria of today.


We are also happy to fulfill individual requests.

jewish vienna

On this tour we follow the footprints of Jewish history, those of the past and those of the present.

The everyday life of former Jewish life is also described, as is the Jewish lifestyle of today.

This tour also commemorates the expulsion and murder of the Jews in Vienna and Austria at various locations.

Language examples that show the connection "Viennese/Yiddish" complement the tour.


We are also happy to fulfill individual requests.

away from & hidden

A walk away from the most visited sites. Through picturesque alleys, past a baroque palace, through backyards to the most hidden churches.


Discover romantic squares, bastions that were thought to have disappeared, stories about house signs and street names. Eerie stories about demons, right up to the famous Old Viennese legends.


We are also happy to fulfill individual requests.