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    Carmen und Michael (Dienstag, 23 Mai 2023 18:12)

    Unser Guide Christina war ausgesprochen sympathisch und sehr profiliert. Sie brachte uns Wien lebendig und informativ nahe. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen

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    Salomón (Samstag, 20 Mai 2023 17:11)

    This is sincerely one of the best walking tours I have ever gone on. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and you can feel the passion in all of her stories, the tour will take you through all of the Hofburg complex and give you a very detailed construction of what used to be the Austro-Hungarian empire and what it is today. Truly amazing experience!

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    Jacquie (Samstag, 13 Mai 2023 17:00)

    We had a tour with Elisabeth on 12th May 2023. The tour was just over 2 hours. Very informative and interesting. Elizabeth’s recommendations for coffee houses and restaurants were excellent. Definitely recommend the tour.

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    Jane Yudilevich (Montag, 17 April 2023 06:51)

    We had a tour on 28 of March 2023 with Ingrid Andrea Bagus.
    The tour was about 2 h 15 min, very informative, interesting,, enjoyable, insightful. A lot of information about history , culture now and then.
    The guide was very professional, knowledgeable and fun.
    Thank you,
    Jane y., USA

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    Cindy Schindler (Sonntag, 19 März 2023 00:46)

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    Karolina Lievientsova, Ukraine (Sonntag, 19 Februar 2023 20:24)

    Free walking tour at the center was cozy and friendly, but yet professional. It took us 2,5 hour and despite a cold weather, we were fully involved into a stories Mrs. Marina was sharing with us.
    Thanks, thanks!

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    Ofir and Yoav (Montag, 10 Oktober 2022 22:35)

    Marina was so great! She was very interesting and knowledgeable, and she made a real effort to connect with everyone on a personal level.
    We enjoyed the tour very much and we definitely recommend it!

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    Elliana (Freitag, 30 September 2022 09:14)

    We did the tour with Elizabeth, and it was super interesting! We had a really good time, and we learned a lot about Vienna with her. I'd recommend it for anyone.

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    Dona (Montag, 05 September 2022 20:52)

    It was really great and interesting. I am going to recommend it to friends. Elisabeth is the best tour guide i have seen.

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    Chris (Sonntag, 28 August 2022 19:09)

    I went on a Vienna City tour with Elizabeth and it was one of the best tours I did.. It was full of facts and information and suggestions of where to visit afterwards depending how much time you have to visit, plus got to see the main highlights of Vienna. Elizabeth was also a fantastic guide. Highly recommended, and as you pay afterwards, it appears the tours are better than others.

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    Janet (Sonntag, 21 August 2022 14:49)

    Wij hebben genoten van de stadswandeling. Elisabeth houdt van Wenen en kan heel goed vertellen over de geschiedenis en het heden. Ze maakt het interessant voor alle leeftijden.

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    Goktug Donk (Dienstag, 16 August 2022 18:39)

    It was a great tour; me and my friend had a great time. My favorite place was Burggarten.
    I am happy to learn about Vienna. Thanks to our guide, she was kind and knowledgeable.

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    Megan (Samstag, 13 August 2022 19:42)

    Ingrid was our guide and we had a really great time! Her sense of humour and ability to convey information on Vienna in a fun way made the 2.5 hour tour go by in a flash. I would recommend this tour to anyone new to Vienna.

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    Melissa Q (Sonntag, 31 Juli 2022 10:34)

    My friends and I had a wonderful time on the walking tour! Ingrid was very knowledgeable about the city of Vienna and she took us to some great places. At the end of the tour, she even recommended a pastry shop that is tourists wouldn’t have found otherwise (L. Heiner was great!). If I find myself back in Vienna, I will definitely take this tour again.

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    Nina et Loona (Sonntag, 10 Juli 2022 10:21)

    The tour was very interesting, thanks Ingrid for your happyness. We learnt a lot about Vienna history.

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    Ava (Freitag, 08 Juli 2022 23:13)

    This tour was wonderful! Marina Schacherl is an amazing tour guide – she has an in-depth knowledge of Vienna's history, and knows how to keep visitors engaged. Definitely recommend for anyone!

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    Erica (Donnerstag, 02 Juni 2022 13:24)

    I had an absolute blast on this tour! I felt like I got to see lots of the city center as well as learn a lot of history. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave great recommendations for places to eat, and other places to visit! It was one of the highlights of my time in Vienna!

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    Beate (Dienstag, 24 Mai 2022 06:42)

    Eine wunderbare, sehr informative Tour. Wir waren eine sehr kleine (7 Personen) nette Gruppe. Ich freute mich sehr, nicht bei den anderen Riesen-Führungen um uns herum gelandet zu sein. Ingrid weiß alles über Wien und kann wunderbar erzählen. Zwischendurch gab es gute Tips für den eigenen Wienaufenthalt.
    Ein echter 'geheim-Tipp' diese Stadtführung.

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    Rouza (Samstag, 16 April 2022 11:37)

    This is a very nice, very historically oriented tour with a lot of information about Austrian character over the years, achievements and the motivation behind certain important changes, growth and decline of the Habsburg monarchy. Much different from the ordinary guided tour or audio guide. I really enjoyed it.

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    Yvonne (Samstag, 16 April 2022 11:31)

    Eine wunderschöne und interessante Free Walking Tour hatten wir heute mit Elisabeth!
    Um eine erste Übersicht zu erhalten einfach fantastisch! Zudem haben wir wertvolle Tipps für unseren Aufenthalt bekommen.
    Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Start in unseren Wien Trip!

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    Family (Montag, 11 April 2022 23:00)

    Hi Peter.
    Thank you so much for the interesting and enriching tour on last Friday.
    We had a great time Vienna.

    Family from Israel

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    Martina und Giovanni (Montag, 11 April 2022 20:52)

    Danke für den kurzweiligen und sehr informativen Vormittag. Diese Tour war hervorragend. Auch ganz prima, wie alle individuelle Fragen beantwortet wurden.
    Bis zum nächsten Mal.

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    Walter (Sonntag, 03 April 2022 23:14)

    This tour was fantastic - from the lovely tour guide, to the sites and history included. She was full of interesting information and good suggestions on local food to try. The best way to start exploring a new city! Also, I do like the fact you pay at the end (and you pay what you see fit)...some guided tours seem so expensive. Especially if you're on a budget, this tour is a must!